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You are smart and savvy in seeking an independent inspector...

  I guarantee you a noticeably better inspection.

  Scroll this website.  Surprisingly, important differences exist between inspectors.  Protect yourself and allow us to be your professionals.

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Jerry A. Lootens, ACI, Master Inspector

  • ASHI Certified Home Inspector #107997

  • Master Home Inspector since 1999

  • Licensed Builder and Remodeling contractor

  • Roofing and Painting Contractor   since 1970s

  • Inspection and building science instructor, and much, much more  

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Get the Professional Edge  

Congratulations on your real estate purchase, or are you thinking of selling?   We can help.    

We don't mean to frighten, but rather to inform -

  Scroll... Click on topics. Go down to inspection FAQ, (frequently asked questions), below...   We think we answered most questions and you can call us for a firm price quote.  

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Knowledgeable consumers are our best clients

If you know the important differences between home inspectors, use this short cut.  

  • Call for quotes - from those inspectors referred to you by your agent, family, and friends.   
  • DO NOT schedule an inspection with these inspectors - no matter how professional sounding or persistent they are ,(regrettably, many people do not know the important differences to look for in inspectors.   (Yes, there are many important differences!) (click here) for just the big differences in "professional standards". These only represent the tip of the ice berg.  Many differences exist that can cause you grief.  
  • Then call Jerry at 248.224.0258 - for a guaranteed better inspection, "Done Right for You". Be our client, you won't regret it.   

Experts say, "Get a qualified inspector...  one with a diverse construction background and many years of experience. Protect yourself;  No-one else will".    One expert, Mike Holmes of cable TVs' Holmes on Homes and now Holmes' Inspections, regularly exposes major problems overlooked by average home  inspectors. Inspectors without builder licenses and/or decades of construction experience are always prone to costly errors no matter their education and certifications .  In Michigan, if you are their client, you will likely be stuck with the cost of their errors!    More on that later...

All home inspectors are not created equal.   Per Mr. Holmes, "Many people do not know what constitutes a good or bad inspection", ( let alone a great one !)  

People hire the wrong home inspector all the time. Why? - because, "it was easy... it was convenient... the inspector sounded really good and was highly referred, certified, proper pedigree, etc... or the price couldn't be beat!!!"

Surprisingly, even trusted real estate agents routinely refer average home inspectors . You deserve better, a guaranteed better inspection, and an A++ Master Inspector who is also a licensed builder, who knows his stuff with decades of construction, quality control and inspection experience, and is a building scientist.

Who would have thought major differences exist between home inspection standards that cause problems: (click here) for a simple comparison of just the  inspection standard differences). 

Welcome to the home-page for Master Home Inspector, Jerry Lootens.  He tells you more... more of what you want and need to know.

  Knowledge - Experience - Very Disciplined - Reliable 

As a licensed MI builder, roofing,and remodeling contractor, as well as a U.S. EPA certified renovator, and building designer, your Master Inspector knows what to look for in new and existing construction...  He is your building scientist and answer man for everything from poor and sick building conditions, to state of the art design, layout and staging.  He continually strives for excellence.  

Help us help you. 

We get our business from satisfied customers and we appreciate your support.   

Scroll down for more information... or click here to go straight to:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - such as: 

  • Who we are

  • What you get

  • Sample reports

  • Proof of insurance

  • Why use our services

  • What constitutes a thorough inspection

  • Inspection price/cost

  • and much -  much more.

To go directly to FAQ - Click above or here 

We report to you, the good, the bad, and any inconvenient truth about the condition of your home or commercial building. " No soft, sugar coated, or run of the mill inspections here."  Our clients refer us, as do many real estate professionals.  These professionals willingly risk their sales commissions for their clients' peace of mind. They are truly heroes for not referring a "soft" inspector who can legally avoid giving you all the information you need. More on that later...

You don't have to compromise, and we don't. 

Many first time home buyers believe " all inspections & inspectors are the same " so they simply shop price. Our clients know there is a strong relationship between experience, ethics, quality, but not price.   Who is your inspector does matter - especially when analyzing and reporting property conditions and its impact on you, be it your 1st. or 50th. real estate acquisition - It Matters - - well beyond just thorough.

"Pssst... You do not have to pay more for a better - a guaranteed better inspection. (Avoid guesswork, uncertainty, and remorse. Our inspections include what you expect, immediate reports, detailed photographs, etc... all done the way you want... by a licensed and insured expert, an over 25 year veteran, builder and building scientist who works only for you.)"


Even though we are:

Thorough - Reliable - Competent - Licensed - Certified - Bonded - Insured (to protect you) - Reasonably Priced - and provide you a Service Guarantee... 

you naturally expect this from all inspection and engineering firms, plus more...  

We are one of the few firms who actually  provide more -  more of what you want. 

Or, to save further time, read:  Things to know in selecting a qualified inspector.  Get the peace of mind you deserve.

Allow us to offer you our Guaranteed - Better Inspection.  We want to be your inspection professionals. 

We always answer your question, "Mr. Inspector, would you allow your daughter to buy this house?"

We care about you and you're family's well being...   

Friends and clients call Jerry at 248.224.0258 

New visitors - congratulations on finding a home... or are you thinking of selling?     We help clients understand the physical condition of their real estate investments.   Allow us to help you make a more informed buying or selling decision...Real estate investments are expensive... we help you avoid surprises, and wasting time and money. TM  ... Building and Home Inspection of Southeast Michigan - Where you, our client, are #1. Since 1994 - Building and property inspections "Done Right for You" (TM)

  Full scope or mini inspections services available,: Attic, Roof, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Foundation, Structure, Energy Audits, etc.

Foreclosures, Short Sales, Mortgage or Cash Purchases: Residential Houses -  Manufactured Homes - Mobile Homes - Farms - Commercial buildings - Light industrial -   Apartment buildings - Condominiums, Avoid  condominium inspections that omit everything supposedly covered by the homeowners association, (roofs, walkways, drives, attic, sump system, foundation, etc.).  Don't become another surprised, tricked and trapped buyer! As a new condo association member, you will be on the hook for your portion of these costly items too. Many inspectors quote low bids because they will not inspect these important components.

     Our clients are delightfully surprised by the difference between their previous inspector or professional engineer's work and that of the experience... an inspection, "Done Right For You" TM.

Our One Stop Services:

- Commercial & residential property condition assessments / home inspections -  Our inspection scope begins with the NAHI and ASHI professional inspection standards. Our proprietary camera techniques may highlight mold infestation and water problems not observed with the naked eye.  Some sample photos of typically non-visible mold infestations: photo1, photo2, photo3,  photo4

 - New construction phase and completion inspections: (consultation/blue print, foundation, mid-phase/pre-drywall, final walk-through and final warranty inspections) -

  - Building and condominium association maintenance and reserve fund analysis -  

Energy Audits  

- - Home sale and staging consultations -

  - Inspection training - 

- Out-of-state investor and foreclosed home services -

- Radon testing -  

- Termite & wood destroying organism inspections - 

  (Jerry Lootens - ASHI certified Inspector, Master Home Inspector, Detroit, MI, ASHI member #107997 - J.A.L. & Assoc., Inc. - Home Inspection  & Energy Audits, Corporate offices: 287 E. Square Lake Road, Troy, MI, Michigan 48085, Licensed Commercial and Residential Builders - (MI2102123368), Roofing, Structure and Foundation Contractors.)  


We support our active military click here)

Home buyer misperceptions about Home Inspectors click here )

10 questions home inspectors do not want you to ask click here)

10 questions home inspectors do not want you to ask click here) - reasonably picky for you



Welcome to home inspections of Southeast Michigan


 Call for your free quote - a guaranteed better inspection, by a Master Inspector and Licensed Builder:

Jerry A. Lootens, ACI 

We don't compromise. Why should you?

Better Business Bureau  A+ accredited business member


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We gladly give a 10% discount to active Military families and seniors over 60

Buy an inspection for your children; It's the smart thing to do.


Why take unnecessary risks?  Service Magic, (Home Advisor), and Angie's List respectively find 25% and 30% of their members surveyed said their inspector's oversights ended up becoming a major expense long after the inspection.  Find a time tested inspector who does not  perform soft, lenient, or average inspections that could leave you owning a money pit. Things to know in selecting a qualified inspector.  

Did you know: Angie's List and Yelp do not list the best inspectors first!  First listed are those inspectors who pay $500 to $1,000 a month allowed to advertise with them!  Only if too many negative references occur can these inspectors be displaced, but it takes a while. There are many differences YELP and Angie's List do not verify: (Click here) for important differences in "professional standards", ethics and service quality.  

 Mind twister: 95% of Michigan home inspectors do not bring a roof (snow) rake or shovel to inspect your roof, walkways, decks and driveways on snowy days. Yet many referring Real Estate Brokers, Angie's list and Service Magic/Home Advisor supposedly vetted these inspectors as "the best" for their customers. Be aware


Friends and clients: call Jerry at 248-224-0258. 

Jerry's been Green long before being Green, or Country, was cool, hip...  or what-ever...! so pick his brain for energy savings and efficiency ideas. He's also a licensed builder, universal living, i.e. "smart living", kitchen, and home & building designer.

Can you guess which photograph is of Jerry's house, one of Michigan's most energy efficient 1984 homes?

Real estate concierge services limit their referrals to their favorite inspectors.  Avoid inspectors who perform the soft inspections meant not to, "kill the deal" as demanded by some brokers. 

To earn a good living, a large percentage of inspectors get their business from repeat real estate broker referrals.  Avoid becoming less important to the inspector than the broker who referred you!  Use an independent inspector.  One who cares, remains objective, thorough, and cannot be subtly influenced by lucrative referrals. 

 Mind twister: about 90% of MI home inspectors who say they carry errors & omission insurance to supposedly protect you from their serous mistakes.  Actually, they have you sign a trick and trap inspection contract.  The contract allows them to avoid paying you for their mistakes;  Instead, they only refund your inspection fee and you are stuck with the expensive problems.  This is perfectly legal in Michigan. 

Referring Real Estate Brokers, Home Advisor, (Service Magic), and Angie's List vetted many of these inspectors as "the best" for their customers.   I would avoid many of these inspectors.  Some offer a good sounding 200% satisfaction refunds, and others advertise almost meaningless 90 and 100-day warranties.  You generally cannot get the written warranty for your lawyer to review, or, if you can, it will arrive too late, or do too little as reported by Angie's List.  (There is a reason that the real estate home warranties start at $400.00 with very limited coverage and are not supplied free by home inspectors - be aware). 

Per public forums and knowledgeable clients, the worst inspection companies, including franchises, appear to be among the the most popular referred by real estate agents.  The smooth talking "inspectors", specialize in minimizing  the impact of negative conditions observed at the inspection, and significantly understate repair costs. They under report conditions to their customer knowing they cannot be held liable for problems that later occur. They are always "up beat, positive, and sound reasonable". They hide behind their trick and trap inspection contract/agreement clause when the problems reveal themselves.

 Be aware.  Be informed. Protect yourself with a better inspection, inspection report and inspector.


What you get:

A better report

A better inspection

A better inspector

As well as all the photos taken

and much more

Sample of Information Reported  (Click here)  


- Experience the difference -  

- it's more than just a better inspection - 

"Jerry, you're a thousand times better than my friend's inspector!!!"  (Ms. J. Miller, Livonia), Thank you Jennifer for your awesome hyperbole.  <{( :-)}{ Your unsolicited heartfelt exaggeration made my day.

Keep scrolling, read the highlights, see what makes a better inspection...  Give us a call.  or go directly to Q&A  at the  bottom of this page, or go to:  Things to know in selecting a qualified inspector.   We believe in truth in advertising and the honest - American way. 

Take the unwanted surprises out of buying, selling or building.  The sign of a good inspection is when years later you can say, "No surprises, Jerry told me about everything."  Buyer's be aware - the $400 home warranties provided you by home sellers usually will not cover the major problems I discover at inspections. Get the most experienced inspector - one who is independent, concerned for your welfare and not beholding to anyone else in your real estate transaction.  Excellence does not cost more and may actually cost less. Also see: *Affordable special offers*  

A knowledgeable consumer makes our best client.  We tell you many of the hidden problems and issues that many of our competitors as well as real estate agents, Angie's List, Service Magic and others do not necessarily want you to know.  We aspire to do the best in informing our clients about conditions and their ramifications.  We always appreciate your feedback. 

We know much of what you want to know.  We are active and licensed builders who also repair and stage homes for sale.   We know the hidden problems and pit-falls that affect buyers and sellers.  We have the competence, diagnostic experience, and analytical backgrounds to inspect all new or existing homes as well as commercial buildings. Take advantage of our extensive knowledge.  Ask all the questions you want. Per Mike Holmes of Holmes on Homes, "Go in with your eyes wide open, and hire your own professional... anything less is UNACCEPTABLE"  Call us with questions and for your free price quote  - we want to be your professionals.  At - We Care.

It's all about you and your peace of mind. Get the professional inspection - "Done Right For You!" TM

Our clients are delighted: especially with their exclusive photo tour, "You did a lot more than my last inspector... you checked more, found more, and explained more... "What a difference!!!"  

"Experience the Difference!!!" We teach the art, science and ethics of both basic and advanced professional inspection at Schoolcraft College and the Michigan Institute of Real Estate. A top quality inspection does not cost more and may pay back handsomely.  

Master inspector:  Jerry A. Lootens. He cares for his clients, and tells it like it is. (he does not compromise and you don't need to -, since 1994  

Our guarantee: The highest quality services: If you're not satisfied, you need not pay - Is your inspector an Inspector? 

Yes, you can do your own inspection, but!!! - Why & what needs to be inspected in new or existing buildings and homes.

Knowledge - Experience - Excellence.  

"Experience the Difference" - a sample report and much more.

Unlike many inspectors, we give clients a price break when property conditions are Soooo-Bad that the inspection needs to be terminated before completion. Important unoccupied and foreclosed building problems to avoid. 

Call Jerry; - Add extensive knowledge, experience and competence to your team. "He works only for you".  - 248-224-0258 -  (since 1994)

"You are extremely knowledgeable, extremely thorough, and you love what you do.  I wouldn't want you inspecting my house, (now that I am selling). You would find far too much wrong with it." (T. Williams, home buying client - retired school administrator)

Some inspections are noticeably better: Our commitment to excellence, as well as our unique Quality First Program assures that you receive the profession's most thorough and accurate inspection which is tailored specifically for your needs.  We far exceed all licensing, insurance, and education standards required by the profession.  We are licensed builders and building remodelers. Our extensive knowledge and experience is second to none.  Invest with our inspection and you will better understand the conditions of your real estate asset.  We tell you like it is, "No soft, average, sugar coated, or run of the mill inspections here." We get our business through satisfied customers and we appreciate your support.

Call Jerry; - 248-224-0258,  We care about you, and your family and friends. (professionalism and innovation since 1994)

"I'm amazed... my newly built house passed all codes and received the city building department Certificate of Occupancy, yet you found so much wrong...and everyone missed the missing foundation post, except you!"  (H. Otto, new construction - punch list "inspection", Dearborn)

You deserve Better:  You deserve a knowledgeable professional with over 25 years of experience.  We take pride in reporting more - more of what you need to know, and we do so in a complete, fair and balanced manner. You don't pay more for excellence, knowledge, experience, or for someone who cares: 

"Jerry, post this on your site: You saved my butt!!! (Todd Gidell, of Chesterfield, home builder)

"You saved me from my biggest mistake... with that last one!!!"  (Ms. D. Allen,  Davison)

    Call Jerry; - "Let his extensive knowledge and experience work for you." - 248-224-0258, (since 1994)

My friend thought his inspector was good, but he says you're a lot better."  ( Michael Eichenbaum, home buyer, Berkley)

The highest compliment you can give me is the referral of your family and friends. My business comes from satisfied customers, and I appreciate your continued support.

"you need to know the building's condition before buying or selling." inspectors tell you all.

We find many problems, even in good homes.   90% of our inspections of existing homes and most of our new construction reports have one or more major issues to discuss. Additionally, all buildings have minor problems that can lead to major heartbreaks.  You will know how soon you will need to make the repairs and what is a reasonable cost.

Call as late as 10 PM - "We work only for you" - 248-224-0258

It's easy to overlook differences between inspectors and what they report, but the results can be devastating, especially to cash strapped first time home buyers. Some inspectors simply do not look hard enough, know enough, or communicate effectively."  (Don Kollmorgan, Financial Planner, Birmingham)

"We go where other inspectors won't - roof, attic, crawlspace,  electrical panel, etc.."

"Many Inspectors knowingly refuse to report to you the information you need to know for your full peace of mind, yet..."

Select an ASHI professional, they are required to tell you more of what you want and need to know.!

Call as early as 8 AM - 248-224-0258

"You're the only inspector who predicts what will need repair or replacement in the next five years. You've been right---so far !" (Brian Thomson, long time client and out of state real estate investor, Orlando)

"...they still meet their standards of practice, but not ours. At, we serve only you.  We do not color the facts. We tell you like it is. This is why only the best real estate professionals, as well as our clients, gladly refer us"

  Too much information? We will help you with your needs and put everything in perspective - 248-224-0258

"Our (half million dollar) home sold in one week after we implemented your staging and repair  recommendations." (Thomas O'neil, seller's inspection, Oakland Twp.)

"We tell you when costly components are at or near the end of their useful service lives.  We project out 5 years for your peace of mind. 3 to 5 years more than many other  inspectors. At we believe you need to know about major items that we believe won't last the next 5 years.  You can then plan and budget for their repair or replacement." continues to raise the standards of the profession. A knowledgeable and caring inspector gives you more than just a thorough inspection.  

Sellers' Disclosure Statements are not always complete, or truthful; Many inspectors do not report obvious, costly or dangerous building code violations, or other safety issues. You may not know, until too late, that you bought an unreasonably dangerous home. This becomes an even a bigger problem when you signed away your rights with another inspector, and/or the seller moved out of state. Protect yourself." 

The signed purchase agreement is your offer to buy.  Talk with your attorney before you sign it. Make sure your offer requires the gas, electricity and water utilities to be on and fully operating for the inspection. Allow adequate time to schedule an inspection, and allow additional time for holiday weekends, etc. Avoid unnecessary conflicts whenever possible.


*We do Energy Audits and we have been doing them for years. Our expertise instantly saves you money*

* Some of the pros and cons *

"Heat loss and leaks that cost money and cause discomfort "

(Note: Our proprietary camera techniques used at all inspections many times highlight mold infestation or moisture problems not readily observable.) 

      We want the best for you, your family, and your friends - 248-224-0258,  (since 1994)

"Several agents use Jerry exclusively and solely for their own home purchases, but not their clients!  That says a lot about his knowledge and thoroughness ..." (Sandy Kelly) - see premier list of real estate professionals below

"Avoid unpleasant surprises. Many inspection firms do not report important health, safety and insurance issues to you.  At Awfully Picky, we also tell you the inconvenient truths."

*How to protect yourself when hiring contractors and trade persons *

"Lofty Living" (TM) - a deluxe housing concept - using green & universal access building techniques!!! Remember, Jerry was green long before being green or country was cool, hip - or whatever!

 We guarantee: top quality services. If you're not satisfied, you need not pay. Licensed, insured, certified, qualified, and we care. 

- Get the Professional Edge: 14 years in marketing, construction & quality control, 15+ additional years exclusively in home inspection and building science - serving clients, and teaching home inspection at Schoolcraft College and the Michigan Institute of Real Estate.

- Over 4,000 items and conditions inspected for - You receive two immediate on-site reports.  One identifies major issues and concerns thought to impact your purchase decision;  The other identifies important concerns, including safety, but are not thought to significantly impact your buying decision. You receive a FREE CD containing the digital photographs taken at your inspection. Your two custom reports reference these photographs. We tell you more, and utilize the most advanced quality control processes to provide you the highest quality in inspection services.

- You will receive my personal service, expertise, opinion, and guarantee -  not those of an employee, subcontractor, or someone with less than 15 years of inspection experience and 27+ years of construction knowledge - I will be your inspector, and unlike most inspectors, (who only refund your inspection fee when they make major errors), I am fully insured to protect you.  I work hard at creating effective quality control processes to protect you and assure you a thorough inspection. For your patronage, I guarantee a better inspection, inspector and a concise report that is "Factual and actual" and easy to read. I guarantee the quality of your inspection. If your not satisfied, you need not pay.

- I work only for you - not the referring real estate professionals, attorneys or mortgage brokers. I do not censor or minimize inspection findings to maintain lucrative referral relationships, nor do I unnecessarily scare clients just to get another inspection.   When real estate professionals refer me, they are expressing their genuine confidence in the knowledge, competence and integrity of home inspections.  You can feel assured they are looking out for your best interest.  You will receive a thorough and honest inspection, a great experience, and learn the good and the bad about the building's condition.  I don't hold anything back, and I put it in perspective without technical jargon. As my client, I am available to you to answer any building or maintenance questions you have, even long after the inspection. I want to be your and your family's preferred and referred inspector.

Are you selling your home?  We provide a state of the art staging consultation package that includes a  Free Pre-sale Home Inspection to help you sell... all for less than the inspection fee of a regular buyers home inspection!!!  How can we do this?  You help us save time by answering questions about your experiences in your home. We then look at those things you can't or didn't. The staging consultation includes the free Seller's Pre-sale Home Inspection, an inspection information binder, the inspection report, along with the inspector's consultation regarding conditions, witnessing of conditions for legal fact, preliminary staging, final staging and other poignant recommendations for selling.  Better prepare your home for the market place. Several leading Real Estate agents recommend an staging consultation and seller's inspection to their listing clients. It is so much more than just a free inspection all at a very reasonable price.  

Note: I know you hate to spend more money on a home that you are already selling for less than its worth. But, if the condition of your home does not meet the buyers expectations, buyer's will want an even larger discount, or they will walk, so call us first.

You don't have to compromise - 248-224-0258 - where quality is #1

Don't compromise. A top quality inspection does not cost more - visit: Selecting an inspector for free tips.

Check-out the competition, get quotes for only professional - state of the art inspections which do not limit inspector liability to the inspection fee. These may be hard to find... then give me a call at 248.224.0258 - To schedule a better inspection - to meet your needs - Remember, I work only for you.

Free and complete inspection training!!! ( see link at page bottom) - Read - Study - Tell your friends. (60 hours of training can make you as knowledgeable as many certified inspectors with over 5 years experience.) 

Why home inspection is among the hottest franchise opportunities in America... .  Watch out! 

We strive for: "Continual Improvement & Excellence"

Thank you for visiting,   Jerry A. Lootens, ACI - Master Inspector - 

Long time ASHI & AAIHI member,  Licensed Builder - Aging in Place and Universal Access Specialist -  House, Kitchen and Bath Designer, and Building Scientist

  email: -

(This personal e-mail account is only checked weekly so give us a call for immediate information)

Congratulations - If you read or scrolled through this website to this point... you are an in-depth and exceptional person.  I look forward to meeting you.

Need inspection training?  Need repair / maintenance and staging training?  I teach home inspection at: The Michigan Institute of Real Estate, (serving over 20,000 real estate professionals, (Namir & Vicki George)), and Schoolcraft College. Personal instruction and consultations available.

At a minimum:  demand an ASHI professional:

Some of the Premier Southeast Michigan Real Estate Professionalso their clients,

Is your inspector an ASHI member, or 

better yet an professional? inspectors tell you more, and in an honest and worthwhile way. 

Smart home buyers prefer an Home Inspection performed to ASHI Standards under the quality control safeguards by, (ISO 9003 - 2000 ready).  Buyers want to tour their home with someone they can trust, and ask questions of ... even long after the inspection.  Buyers want full disclosure about their home's conditions, and to fully understand what it all means both now and in the future.

Jerry A. Lootens ACI, Master Inspector  

Check out my serious competition - the better ASHI inspectors, get inspection quotes... then give me a call at 248.224.0258 - to schedule the highest quality services at a competitive rate.  For your convenience, our phones are answered from 8 AM to 10 PM. You can also leave a message

We strive for: "Continual Improvement & Excellence" Home Inspections of Southeast Michigan

 The Leader in Quality Control Processes for the Home and Building Inspection Profession

Need a professional guest speaker - free of charge?   Give me a call.

For FREE copyrighted inspection training:  (Click here)



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