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    In this poor economy I believe that America's greatest asset is the human capital of America.  The skills of working Americans does not go down the toilet when reckless yet well educated and well positioned people and thieves "supervise" and "manage" unethical lending practices, certify junk bonds as good and safe AAA investments, investing other peoples savings for only their own profit, and ultimately creating a big loss for their investors. The need for big political campaign contributions always weakens and subverts the best of human nature. The first string, best educated and smartest Americans in business, commerce and government failed the rest of America miserably... and they are still there, on top!!! None have taken responsibility for the debacle.  All are terribly guilty.  

    Please feel free to learn from this material the art and skill of being a professional inspector and be a more knowledgeable home owner and consumer.  All I ask is that you give me feedback on the content, and if you feel this information is worthwhile, please send me a check in support.  When I teach home inspection, the fee for 30 hours of group instruction is $595 per attendee.  If you would like personal assistance or training I can make myself available. I can also visit you, provide additional training and certification.

    If you have a skill or occupation that should be taught to America, please consider offering it free.  We need all Americans to be even better at what we do through continual improvement and education, (An American idea the Japanese took to heart called, "Kaizen"). 

    My oath: As a professional and an American Citizen, I promise I will strive to act with honesty and integrity. I will respect the rights and dignity of all. I will strive to create sustainable prosperity. I will oppose all forms of corruption and exploitation. I will take responsibility for my actions. As I hold to these principles, it is my hope that I may enjoy an honorable reputation and peace of mind.

    Thank you for your time and effort, and good luck on your venture.  Remember, you will have to practice, practice, practice. A good inspector is developed over years of experience, but everyone starts somewhere and you might as well start with a sound foundation based on the knowledge and experience of other  professionals. 

    This instruction manual is a work in progress. Please give me feedback at:.  This text contains my opinions and may not necessarily be totally correct, but it is always being improved. Each reader's feedback, professional guidance and expertise is much appreciated and vital to advancing this text. Let's build on the art and science of home and building inspection, as well as building science.

Jerry Lootens


Introduction, (Chapter index follows):

    In purchasing real estate many parties are involved to help the sellers.   Real estate agents and print and electronic advertisers help advertise and promote selling the property.  Home inspectors, (a.k.a. real estate inspectors), may assist the seller in identifying potential physical conditions that may adversely affect a potential buyer's purchase decision. Building and repair contractors may be utilized to make the necessary repairs or perform renovations to made the property more attractive.  Home stagers consult or may arrange the home decor to make the home more attractive to buyers.  The vast majority of home sellers only utilize real estate agents and forego inspectors and home stagers.

    Likewise many parties are involved to help buyers.   Real estate agents may assist in locating desirable properties, Attorneys help buyers get the best legal advantages in purchase offers.  Bankers and mortgage lenders help the buyer finance the purchase,   Appraisers will appraise the property for it's economic worth for the mortgage lender or the buyer.  Surveyors identify the property boundaries.   Title insurance companies provide insurance to protect the buyer from prior legal claims. Appraisors determine what is the reasonable current market value for the property established from recent comparable property sales or other economic indicators. Home inspectors The home inspector perform an analysis of the physical condition of the property and its' components such as structure, roof, HVAC systems, etc. .  Each of these participants have mutually exclusive duties yet sometimes the appraisal process and the inspection process are confused and thought the same by home buyers.

This website covers the home and commercial building inspection process.  

    There are approximately 25,000 full and part-time home inspectors in the United States.  About half the States require inspector licensing. Real Estate agents like to say that 90% of their home sales have a buying client using a home inspector. Home inspection has grown over the past 30 plus years into a profession, yet inspection remains an easy profession for the unqualified to join and operate in. The poor level of vetting performed by the various states for inspector licensing leaves the public still exposed to more unnecessary risk of using an unqualified or inexperienced inspector  than any other profession. Generally the public cannot determine the skill, competency or experience level of their inspector even long after an inspection.  This website attempts to educate, train and develop inspectors to improve their skill and competency. 

Chapter index and links:


1. Establishing a business

    Business risk, Typed of business structure, What is home inspection, Licensing, Start-up costs, book keeping/accounting, Employees, Marketing, Advertising, client relationship, Equipment required 

2. Inspection - process and reports

 Safety, Inspection Scope, Limitation and Standards, Inspection Agreement, Inspection Process, Inspection Report

3. Soils and foundation

4. Wood and metal construction


6. Plumbing

7. Electrical

8. Heating and ventilation

9. Air-conditioning and Heat Pumps

10. Appliances

11. Swimming pools and spa

12. Termites and other wood-Destroying organisms

13. Environmental Issues and considerations.