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Congratulations on your real estate purchase, or are you thinking of selling?  We can help.   

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Call for quotes - from those home inspectors referred to you by your agent, family, and friends.  

DO NOT schedule an inspection with these inspectors - no matter how professional sounding or persistent the inspector is.  Regrettably, many people do not know the important differences to look for in home inspectors.  (click here) for  just "the differences in professional standards.  Many other differences exist that can come back and bite you..

Then call Jerry at 248.224.0258 - for a guaranteed better inspection, "Done Right For You". You won't regret it.   

Experts say, "Get a qualified inspector...  one with a diverse construction background and many years of experience. Protect yourself;  No-one else will".  

One expert, Mike Holmes of cable TVs' Holmes on Homes and now: Holmes Inspections, regularly exposes major problems overlooked by average home  inspectors. 

Inspectors without builder licenses and/or decades of construction experience are always prone to costly errors.  In Michigan, you will likely be stuck with the cost from any inspector errors!  More on that later!

We don't mean to frighten, but rather to inform -

All inspectors are not created equal.   Per Mr. Holmes, "Many people do not know what constitutes a good or bad inspection", (let alone a great one !)  

People hire the wrong inspector all the time. Why? - because, "it was easy... it was convenient... the inspector sounded really good and was highly referred, certified, etc... and the price couldn't be beat!!!"

Surprisingly, even trusted real estate agents routinely refer average inspectors . You deserve better, a guaranteed better inspection, and an A++ Master Inspector who is also a licensed builder, who knows his stuff with decades of construction, quality control and inspection experience.

Who would have thought major differences exist between inspection standards that cause problems: (click here) for a simple comparison. 

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Master Inspector, Jerry Lootens, ACI  

He tells you more... more of what you want and need to know.

  Knowledge - Experience - Very Disciplined - Reliable 

Experience the Difference!

Licensed MI builder, 

Licensed roofing, 

Licensed remodeling contractor

EPA certified renovator

 Building designer

Your Master Inspector knows what to look for in new and existing construction...  He is your building scientist and answer man for everything from poor and sick building conditions, to state of the art design, layout and staging.  He continually strives for excellence. 

Help us help you. 

We get our business from satisfied customers and we appreciate your support.   

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Why take unnecessary risks?  In the past, Home Advisor/Service Magic and Angie's List respectively find 25% and 30% of their members surveyed said their inspector's oversights ended up becoming a major expense.  Find a time tested inspector who does not  perform soft, lenient, or average inspections that could leave you owning a money pit. Things to know in selecting a qualified inspector.  


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