A knowledgeable consumer makes our best client.   Our clients are delightfully surprised by the difference between their previous inspector or professional engineer's work and that of the AwfulPicky.com experience... an inspection, "Done Right For You" TM.

Why does a difference exist between inspectors, between their inspections, and between what they report?  

Shouldn't all inspections report exactly the same conditions?  see page bottom for a personal experience

Unlike your medical doctor, who must follow the medical professions standards of practice and standards of care,  home and building inspectors do not have such requirements:

Unlike your medical doctor, who must follow the medical professions code of ethics,  home and building inspectors are not required to follow or even have a code of ethics:

Use your new awareness to critique the other "professionals" you use in your daily life. Be-aware and beware.

At AwfulPicky.com, we ascribe to a higher standard for our clients. If you are looking for the cheapest price, please go elsewhere, but do keep in contact with us and call us a year from now and let us know how your experience unfolded.

The best of luck, good fortune, and share the truth.   

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Unknown to me, a client hired both me and a well known franchise inspection firm to independently inspect the same recently built home.  (I assume the client wanted to be assured of thoroughness. Its nice to be wealthy)

The immediate post inspection results reported by the client: 

The ultimate post inspection results reported by the client weeks later: