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Scope of fireplaces and solid fuel burning appliances inspection: chimneys, flues, and dampers along with fireplace firebox, smoke chamber, dampers, mantles, hearth, and visible flue linings and stack and vents.

Ask any questions you have regarding fireplaces and solid fuel burning appliances. We have almost seen it all.  

We provide suggestions on maintaining your fireplaces and other equipment. You are welcome to use our extensive maintenance schedules available at our home page. The Info Line!!!  

Typical interior findings reported throughout the years:

unsafe or poor ventilation./

evidence of poor drafting,

structural deterioration.

water issues.

unsafe conditions with, gas, combustion, ventilation.



creosote and chimney fire hazards

structural separations

Unsafe fire protection from combustibles


Yes, you can perform your own inspection:

A good inspection covers the following areas:

Doing the inspection: 

Bring friends to help you on your inspection, but to control the chaos, tell them they are only to talk about the conditions they see in those areas.  They are not to discuss cosmetics of various components for fear they will not look or talk about anything else.  They are to discuss with you what they think are the ramifications of what they see.  Take good notes and plan to get dirty.

If you feel during your own inspection that you do not have the knowledge or qualifications, or you need further information, contact an expert.  Usually the services of an electrician, foundation repair service, furnace/ air-conditioning, plumber, arborist, chimney repair service and roofer will be helpful. Other skilled trades people can add further assistance and expertise.  Plan and schedule their follow-up visits with the home owner.  Plan initially for several hours to fully understand and inspect the home and add time for each expert.  Be aware that the seller will be skeptical of your findings and upset with the time and effort needed and expended.  Keep your eyes open.  Bring ladders and tools. Take good notes. Carry adequate insurance.

Good Luck, and what ever you do, don't break a leg!!!  Insurance is another issue.

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