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Scope of the Heating systems' inspection: the permanently installed heating system equipment including solid fuel heating devices, vents systems, flues, and chimneys.  

Your inspector has installed and maintained various residential heating plants throughout his construction and maintenance career. Ask any questions you have regarding efficiency, and energy conservation you may have.  Many of the older style furnaces and boilers of the 1930s, 40's and 50's may last decades more, but being at best, less than 75% efficient, the unit will waste/lose much more heat up the chimney than today's 80% to 95% efficient models.  If the furnace or boiler is one we know that does not have longevity and we think it will not last the next five years, we will definitely inform you of this fact, in writing!!! Many inspectors will not tell you this information if the unit is functioning.

If we notice the lack of any installed heat source in an exterior room, inoperable humidifiers, none operating electronic furnace air cleaners, we will report them to you as a courtesy.

We tell you how to maintain many of these components. You are welcome to use our extensive maintenance schedules available at our home page. The Info Line!!!  

Some typical heating findings reported throughout the past 14 years:

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