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The Best just got Better... call today and save:

    Receive $30.00 off your first inspection fee for scheduling and fully attending an 8:00 AM inspection for:  Monday through Friday, December 10th. through 19th., 2012, if you call now; 

Likewise, receive $15.00 off your first inspection fee for scheduling a 12 noon inspection on any of these same days.

    Call immediately to schedule and save.  Just say, "I saw the website special discount", and tell me what you liked and disliked most about this website.  (These discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other inspection fee discount and cannot be used if re-scheduling your inspection, or by landlord or remodeling/flipping professionals - landlords and flipping professionals, see your good deal below.):

What makes us better beyond skills is that, unlike most inspectors, we do not have a trick and trap clause in our inspection agreement with you.  We are fully insured and we do not deny you the right to fair and full compensation if we were to make a significant error or mistake!  We are professionals. We believe insurance is meant to also protect you, not just our business.  We all wish our professionals: lawyers, accountants, doctors and legislators had such morals, skills, and respect for their fellow clients and citizens.

Photographs of your new free on CD, a $55.00 savings:

    Receive a CD containing all the digital photographs taken during your inspection.  E-mail them to your family and friends, or keep them for insurance and archive purposes.  Print them at your favorite photo processing store or from your computer.

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Landlord and Property Investors

    On your first inspection, observe the thoroughness, knowledge, and quality of our inspection. Thereafter, your inspections will be charged at an hourly rate for morning inspections that typically save you 50% on the same high quality inspection you have come to expect.  Assisting the inspector to expedite the process helps achieve these savings.

    Call in advance to assure availability.  Remember, having us along has helped many clients avoid bad investment decisions at little cost.  Always ask your inspector about everything that concerns you.

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