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We need some basic information to be able to give you a firm quote on your inspection.

1 - How soon you will need the inspection

2 - Which buildings on the property need inspection, (house and attached garage, detached garages, boat house, pole barns, etc.)

3 - What is the approximate age or year built of each buildings, (many times I can assist you through your description of the building.)

4 - What is the approximate square footage of each of the buildings, (likewise your description will provide an adequate idea)

5 - Are the gas, electric, and water utilities fully on, and fully operational for the inspection. The gas company and city water department personnel need entry to the home before turning on their systems.  They must verify there are no leaks in the building.  A plumber needs to air test any winterized plumbing before making the plumbing system fully operational and lighting the water heater.  

6 - For each building please describe whether the building has a basement, crawlspace, (a very low space under the home), or has neither.

7 - Do the buildings appear to you to be in generally good or bad shape? 


Some comparative service prices in Southeast Michigan

Note: In most cases, except for home inspectors, inexperienced providers do not charge less for their service. Always get better or the best.

    Auto Mechanic/Technician, (certified):  $70-$90 hourly ( if you deliver and leave the vehicle, otherwise an additional $50 to $150 tow fee)

    Heating and Cooling Mechanic/Technician, (licensed): $80 - $90 service fee for visit, plus $80 - $110 hourly on-site

    Electrician (licensed):  $80 - $90 service fee for visit, plus $70 -$115 hourly on-site

    Handyman: $50 - $75 service fee for visit, plus $70 -$115 hourly on-site

    Plumber (licensed):  $80 - $90 service fee for visit, plus $70 -$115 hourly on-site

    Garage Door Technician: $50 - $75 service fee for visit, plus $70 -$115 hourly on-site

    Dentist (licensed): $100 - $350 per hour provided you go to their office. $550 per hour at hospital plus hospital charges

    Local city code inspector fee: $40 - $215 (for each 10 to 20 minute on-site visit, you must make repairs and pay again for re-inspection)

    Home inspector (certified): $180 - $350 for a multi-hour on-site visit, (typically equates to less than $75.00 an hour excluding transit time) Remember, Inspectors quality and price increase with years of diverse experience. New inspectors, with less than 5 years experience, typically must charge less than seasoned professionals. Newer inspectors have to hide behind liability limits in their inspection agreement to prevent getting sued for their inexperience and mistakes. Be aware and beware. 

Mike Holmes of TVs' Holmes on Homes and also Holmes Inspection charges in 2010:  $395 for a home inspection and $695 for an infrared inspection. (This pricing limits his inspections to larger homes and/or wealthier clients)

The pricing of home inspections in Michigan by local inspectors, typical price ranges, (2008):

    Most home buyers over pay for their home inspection by failing to demand a  25% to 50% discount for accepting and signing a home inspection contract/agreement with a trick and trap clause that limits the inspectors liability to the inspection fee.  The inspector therefore takes on no responsibility for major inspection errors and omissions.  The home buyer takes on the full risk and can only gets a refund of the inspection fee.  This is legal in Michigan.  Buyer Beware that many conditions that negatively impact your purchase decision will not be reported to you if the inspector limits the inspection scope and hides behind the inspection agreement.  Call me for some of the typical expensive items excluded by most inspectors. Jerry  at 248.224.0258

    Like all businesses and professions, the lowest and highest bidder will be over 100% apart. It always comes down to time and money and convenience for both parties.  Services and quality of services will vary. Additional services typically have extra charges, (radon, water testing, septic inspection, environmental testing, lead, asbestos, UCCF, etc.  Having to crawl through crawlspaces or in tight attics, or on steep roofs, etc may raise price quotes.  New inspectors generally charge less to obtain business and are therefore more readily available.  Skilled inspectors have less availability since they stay busier due to referrals. Remember, you typically get what you pay for. See Selecting your inspector - (Free tips on getting a professional). 

Competence in the form of knowledge and experience is what you want, but if the inspector doesn't really care about you or the inspection profession, inspection quality will be affected. You won't know until too late. 

Very old simple home: (pre-1940) -

<1,000 square feet square feet $175 to $325

1,000 to 2,000 square feet square feet $225 to $450

(great condition, possibly 10% less; - if in bad condition, approximately: 10% more; utilities off, typically no savings or discount.)

Older modern homes (pre-1990) -

<1,000 square feet square feet $225 to $325

1,000 to 2,000 square feet square feet $255 to $545

(great condition, possibly 10% less; if in bad condition, 10% more; utilities off, typically no savings or discount.)

Modern homes

<1,000 square feet square feet $240 to $400

1,000 to 2,000 square feet square feet $250 to $525

(great condition, 10% less; bad condition, 10% more; when utilities, (gas, electric, and water), are turned off, typically no savings or discount since visual inspection work actually increases.)


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