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Hiring Contractors and Tradepersons:

    Contractors and tradespersons should provide:

A written estimate and written guarantee not to exceed the quoted price by 10%.  The bid should list all the specifications of the major components to be installed, such as make and model of appliances, thickness, color and quality of counter tops, quality type and manufacturer of floor covering, etc..

A copy of the contractor and any sub contractor's certification of general liability insurance, (keep for your records).

A copy of their and any sub contractor's certification of professional liability insurance, (keep for your records). 

A copy of their and any sub contractor's certification of works compensation insurance for all employees, (keep for your records).

A copy of their and any sub contractor's licenses they hold to perform the work, (keep for your records). 

If you decide to hire them, you need to perform due diligence and call and verify, (vet) each of these documents as accurate .

Contractors and tradespersons should be willing to supply you with referrals from past customers.

Require, (in the written contract) that the contractor will supply you before the start of work, a release from lien signed by each tradesperson and sub-contractor.  Post this requirement at the job site and do not let any sub-contractors or tradesperson work without having their signed lien release and a copy of their workers compensation insurance. This protects you from having to pay twice for any labor or material in the event of the general contractors mal or misfeasance.

Contractors and tradespersons should obtain any required building permits and post them as required at the job site.

If the contractor indicates no permit is needed, you need to verify this with the city or township building department prior to the start of the work.

Only make final payment if the city or township has made its final inspection and each permitted function has met code. 

Try not to pay money up front to the contractor unless you fully trust the contractor. Instead, you can directly pay the contractor's suppliers for material ordered by the contractor and delivered to the job site.  Then pay the contractor for only completed work as the job progresses. Be wary of contractors who are cash strapped and need advances instead of reasonable progress payments.

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