Sell fast and at the right price, Smart home sellers, (homes up to 1,800 square feet), can obtain a pre-sale staging and sales consultation most weekday mornings for $235.  The consultation includes a Free pre-sale home inspection. Most home inspectors charge $225 to $375 just to perform a seller's home inspection let alone provide an in-depth sales and staging consultation.  We do both.

     The benefits of an sales and staging consultation, and Free Seller's Home Inspection*:

1. An consultant/inspector is highly trained and knowledgeable professional who will suggest ideas and staging strategies to help maximize price and minimize cost in selling your home.  (We were in the home repair and staging business long before joining the home inspection profession 14 years ago)

2. You learn about the sale process including about home buyers, their agents and inspectors.  You develop a better understanding of real estate sales and staging. The need for property repairs and updates, and how to accommodate strangers visiting your home. 

3. Many home buyers, along with their agents, play price and repair games when re-negotiating for the conditions found at your home.  A seller's inspection along with the staging consultation prepares you for this inevitability.  You have time to correct problems, and plan strategies and tactics with your real estate professionals to help the sale. 

4. If and when home buyers turn hostile, your consultant/inspector will also be a witness to fact regarding your home's conditions, even long after the sale.  This is a free service to help you.

It would be nice if you did not have to use our services, ...  and everything worked perfectly, but ... 

Give us a call at 248.224.0258, ask for Jerry.  

No one can beat this price special with equal knowledge, skill, service or expertise.

Sid Davis, author of Home Makeovers That Sell: Quick and easy ways to get the highest price, identifies, " 7 dumb mistakes".  Besides not pricing your home competitively and de-cluttering it, he says, "get a professional inspection and don't put your home on the market before it is ready".

Pass this information to your friends and relatives.

Thank you,  Jerry Lootens, Master Inspector

* Ask us what is the difference between a seller's home inspection and that of the buyer. Many home inspectors will not perform a seller's inspection, or will place the seller at risk by their report methods.