Why demand an ASHI professional Home Inspector:

Knowledgeable consumers know: the devil is in the details. "The top 25% of members in any profession are excellent, the rest are, at best, mediocre. Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell who is who, and you will be short changed by even a knowledgeable inspector who does not truly care for you, your family or your friends."

  The American Association of Home Inspectors, ASHI, ( i.e."Ash'ee") requires its' members to tell you all the important things , including safety concerns and information about old components.     The "second tier professional associations" do not.  Additionally, many inspectors will not tell you the details about mold and other environmental concerns, or identify potential sources at your inspection. We do at AwfullyPicky.com home inspections of Southeast Michigan.

The standards of Practice of the "the second tier associations" such as National Association Of Home Inspectors, (NAHI), or the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, (NACHI), may avoid telling you about the potential problems with old and worn components - as long as they still function without regard to expected useful life.  They may also avoid telling you about safety or environmental concerns when following the weaker standards they ascribe to.

To compare home inspection associations, browse NACHI, NAHI and ASHI web sites. Critically read their standards of practice.  It's like reading the U.S. and the old Soviet constitutions.  Each sounds pretty good but the devil's in the details, interpretation and implementation. 

Remember, it is not just what the inspector inspects, but more importantly what they won't or are not required to report to you. NACHI and NAHI inspectors sound very reasonable, but ultimately they only stand behind the standards they ascribe to and pay membership to.  They give lip service to exceeding ASHI standards, but they say they are happy with their association and claim to not see any difference between associations. Instead of moving up to a higher standard, they remain on the second tier and spout mitigating claims. 

As a home buyer, you know to expect that old components will require repair and replacement soon.  Nothing lasts forever and/or  will require extraordinary effort and cost to maintain.  As a buyer, you rely on your inspector to know about service lives of all home components. These include major items such as roofing, HAVC, plumbing, windows, siding, structure, and electrical systems, and if they pose a major health, safety or other financial risk from normally foreseeable failure, you would want to know about it.   Old components are, by NACHI standards, "not in and of themselves a major defect".  Such an attitude can cost you grief, time, and money when components are operated beyond their expected useful life.

  Visit:  www.ASHI.com to review the American Society of Home Inspectors Standards of Practice, (purpose scope and ethics).  ASHI believes it is unethical not to inform you about safety concerns, or warn you to anticipate upcoming costs of old, worn, and possibly less safe systems and components, (even though the systems and components still function). 

Is your inspector an ASHI member, or 

better yet an AwfullyPicky.com professional?

AwfullyPicky.com inspectors tell you more, and in an honest and worthwhile way. 

Smart home buyers prefer an AwfullyPicky.com Home Inspection performed to ASHI Standards under the quality control safeguards by AwfullyPicky.com, (ISO 9003 - 2000 ready).  Buyers want to tour their home with someone they can trust, and ask questions of ... even long after the inspection.  Buyers want full disclosure about their home's conditions, and to fully understand what it all means both now and in the future.

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